Freedom In Writing EP

Get yourselves ready…

‘Freedom In Writing’ will be ‘released’ via Bandcamp on 12th May 2020 (Fibromyalgia Awareness Day).

I’m super proud of this and I can’t wait to share it with you!

FIW Front Cover

Lockdown Creations

During lockdown, I’ve been fortunate to feel creative; at times when hard truths have been overwhelming, picking up my guitar and singing my heart out has saved me.
I have been working on tracks of mine that I’m most proud of, ones I want to be able to share with you, the best possible version of! I’ve written, recorded and produced everything and I can’t wait to get them up online!
The ‘Freedom In Writing’ EP is coming together and I’m planning on getting it all out to you during May! So keep your eyes pealed and your ears a-ready!
Stay safe!

Upcoming Gig! Weds 24th July 2019

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been busy with teaching guitar and vocals this past year, which I have loved, but I haven’t had the chance to perform!

So, I will be performing at Jessie Mullen’s ‘Cafe Acoustica’ night at the B-Bar, Plymouth on Wednesday 24th July from 8pm onwards. The Facebook page for the event is here.

Also, one of my guitar pupils, Alan Hyett, will also be doing his first solo set too! So come along if you can to hear some original material and show us some support!

Thank you!

Josie x

New Video: ‘Nothing Less’

Hi everyone!

So firstly, I want to say thank you for sticking around and always checking my music out! As you may or may not know, it hasn’t been as easy in recent years for me to write and perform due to health reasons! But when I get the chance to do so, it means so much that you continue to support me!

Secondly, I did it! I’ve written a new song AND done a little live video of it! Please check it out, the song is call ‘Nothing Less’ and it’s about finding someone you can escape negativity, and completely be yourself, with. Hope you like it, and if you do, please ‘like’ and ‘share’!


Josie X

Live In Session


I had SO much fun performing at Agent Audio studio for ‘Live In Session’ last week. It was such a fabulous experience and I received such lovely comments!

You can catch the stream here on the Plymouth Herald’s facebook (it’s watchable without an account!) or you can wait for the HD upload on youtube coming soon!

Thank you again to everyone who tuned in!
2017-11-28 21.36.4224130065_1948904571817039_4328369562554385984_o


Hello Everyone!

SO excited that you will be able to stream worldwide my ‘Live In Session’ gig from Agent Audio Studio on Tuesday 28th November.

You can go on to The Plymouth Herald‘s Facebook page at 8.30pm to see me perform my set and have a little chat. Really excited as this means you can watch me perform from the comfort of your own home!

Before then, you can check out some of my demo recordings on my SoundCloud page or watch my videos on Youtube channel.

Best wishes, Josie x


‘Write Me Beautiful’ Demo


Hey everybody! Thank you for sticking with me and supporting my music! It’s been a long journey, and continues to be, but I still love writing, making and performing music so will do my best to continue to do so!

So I’ve been sat at home, working on something a bit different with a song I wrote a few years ago, ‘Write Me Beautiful’. I’m excited to share this song with you, as it means a lot to me.


Tears falling down her face, He looks at her the same way
As she has wished before, without the horror of her own thoughts
The hurt is invisible, yet somehow I feel see through
Everything seems unwritten, yet not when I’m with you

So hold me, never let go of me
I need to read your words, to take away this hurt
Will you stay still; promise me that you will
You are the only one who’s ever made me feel

Can you write me beautiful? Like my favourite stories
Make the words read wonderful, without any worries

So hold me, never let go of me
I need to read your words, to take away this hurt
Will you stay still; promise me that you will
You are the only one who’s ever made me feel

Again, I’ve fallen off the edge
I can only blame myself
I need saving, I need saving
You’re the only one I trust
To pick me up out of the dust
And see me

So hold me, never let go of me
I need to read your words, to take away this hurt
Will you stay still; promise me that you will
You are the only one who’s ever made me feel beautiful

Thank you again for listening! X

MORAL COMPASS Live Acoustic Video



Thank you for checking out my site and finding this little post about my new youtube video. If you click the link you can watch a live acoustic video of me performing my original song ‘Moral Compass’.

I wrote this song over a year ago after watching all the tragic events take place worldwide and having so many questions. I still have many of those questions today and this song is a passionate one to play.

Hope you enjoy the video and hit SUBSCRIBE on youtube to hear (and see) more of me!

Josie x


Hey Everyone!

I will be playing tonight (WEDNESDAY 23RD AUGUST) and the B-BAR, PLYMOUTH from 8.30pm. I will be playing an acoustic solo set full of new material, so please come along if you’re in the Plymouth area!