Feedback from young pupils:

‘I love guitars and you make me smile every step of the way. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me’

‘I’ve gained so much confidence this term, thank you’

‘Our guitar teacher is the best because she makes our lessons fun’

‘I love guitar lessons because if you make a mistake, you don’t get told off, Josie is really nice and actually helps you’

‘We have the best memories that will never be lost and I hope that we can carry on for eternity. You are the best music teacher anyone could ever ask for.’

‘I love guitar lessons because it is really fun to learn different songs and you are one of the best teachers I know so thank you’

“I like that when we are playing the guitar we are all like a family. Guitar is the best lesson in the world, nothing can beat it’

“Josie inspires me to play guitars when I grow up. I have always been supported in guitars and I’m so happy I’m in guitar [lessons].”

“Josie always makes guitar the best thing about Thursday”

‘Thank you so much for all your brilliant tuition for [my child]. [My child] has developed so much in confidence and skill due to your inspiring teaching and enthusiasm’

‘I was nervous about performing until you boosted my confidence. Music has made me realise that I’m actually good at something’

‘I practise every night when I get home to try and impress you the next week. I have loved each and every one of our lessons and will cherish them for the rest of my life.’

‘Thank you for the guitar lessons in the circumstances of this year [2020], [my child] continues to love them!’

Feedback from adult pupils:

‘Josie will say I have done the work but thanks go to her for getting me to where I am now and for all the laughs along the way’

‘Thanks for another great session today. We haven’t laughed like all week!’

‘Josie is intelligent, empathetic and flexible as well as being a talented musician and singer in her own right. She allows you to develop your own style whilst suggesting new ideas and techniques. I look forward to our sessions because they are fun and challenging. I had long dreamed of playing guitar the way I do now and in addition with her coaching my singing has improved substantially’

‘It’s funny, when I started surfing I found I can no longer look at a wave without wondering if I could surf it. Now and slightly more accessible, I can’t hear a song without wondering if I could play it now. I love it, it’s really made me listen to music with more depth, and I have you and your amazing teaching skills to thank!’

What did you do during lock-down? I learned to play my guitar with Josie, initially on facetime but now face-to-face. Any song that I have given Josie she has tackled with enthusiasm and verve. From The Clash to John Denver I have learned over two dozen full complete songs using various guitar techniques. Josie you are professional, passionate, supportive and fun. It has been a learning and laughing experience. With your consistent encouragement and vocal coaching I have found my guitar and my voice, thank you.