Feedback from pupils and participants…

‘I love guitars and you make me smile every step of the way. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me’- Guitar pupil, 8

‘I’ve gained so much confidence this term, thank you’- Guitar pupil, 9

‘Our guitar teacher is the best because she makes our lessons fun’- Guitar pupil, 8

‘I love guitar lessons because if you make a mistake, you don’t get told off, Josie is really nice and actually helps you’- Guitar pupil, 9

‘I love guitar lessons because it is really fun to learn different songs and you are one of the best teachers I know so thank you’- Guitar pupils, 10

“I like that when we are playing the guitar we are all like a family. Guitar is the best lesson in the world, nothing can beat it’ – Guitar pupil, 9

“Miss Newton inspires me to play guitars when I grow up. I have always been supported in guitars and I’m so happy I’m in guitar [lessons].” – Guitar pupil, 9

“Miss Newton always makes guitar the best thing about Thursday” – Guitar pupil, 10

‘Josie will say I have done the work but thanks go to her for getting me to where I am now and for all the laughs along the way’ – Adult Guitar pupil

‘Thank you so much for all your brilliant tuition for [my child]. [My child] has developed so much in confidence and skill due to your inspiring teaching and enthusiasm’ -Parent of guitar pupil, 11.